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One of the most common reasons for women not being able to achieve an orgasm during intercourse is because of clitoral stimulation. In most cases, women who have clitoral stimulation have a much easier time going through the whole ordeal of orgasm without experiencing an orgasm. This is because the nerves that control orgasm are much more sensitive when it comes to stimulating the clitoris. So, what causes this effect?

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It all has to do with the nerves that are stimulated. When we are stimulating the clitoris, there are certain nerve impulses that are sent to the brain, which then sends signals to different parts of the body. The muscles used to stimulate the clitoris during stimulation also cause these impulses. So, when you stimulate the clitoris with your fingers, you are in effect stimulating the entire muscle network associated with it. All of these muscle groups get excited and this causes the nerves to fire out the different sensations that we know as orgasms.

The biggest question when it comes to answering why women can’t reach orgasm is why the muscles used to excite the clitoris don’t actually get the job done. To begin with, most women are not capable of stimulating the G Spot correctly without using a finger. Most men would never guess that you could stimulate the G Spot with your finger but it’s true. It’s all about applying consistent pressure onto the G Spot.

Another reason that women can’t seem to achieve orgasm is that their bodies are structured in such a way that makes it very difficult for them to have an intense orgasm. Basically, they end up faking her orgasms because they’re too tense or anxious to actually climax. When women are tense, their breathing gets really quick and shallow. This causes the muscles used for arousal to contract tightly and this prevents the muscles from being able to relax and produce an intense sensation.

Men often overlook this aspect when thinking about why their lovers aren’t having an orgasm. They tend to think of the G Spot as some sort of an external organ. This is why they don’t pay much attention to the way that the muscles used for stimulation actually work. It’s a shame that men tend to forget that the muscles used for sex control actually work just as well if not better than the ones used for orgasm. A woman can be turned on so much by the anticipation of an orgasm that she might forget that she even has these muscles in her body.

Finally, another reason why women can’t seem to reach orgasm is because of mental factors. Her mind is the single biggest factor that can cause her muscles to contract involuntarily. It’s the same reason why you’ll sometimes hear a woman say “ouch” when you stimulate a muscle in her body. The brain interprets this as pain, which causes the contraction of that particular muscle group. If you really want to give your partner an orgasm, you need to keep these muscle groups in mind and treat them accordingly.

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